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Project process  

  START-MOTORS We carry out effective and scientific management to product's design and development process in order to guarantee working quality of each stage and meet customer's and market's needs, including:  

1. Project team of engineering department evaluates the project in the previous stage and analyzes its technology in accordance with the information provided to the customer by the sales department, determines the feasible program of development and provides related product's information to sales department.            

 2. Project team makes plans for product development and defines the product development lifecycle and completion time.             

3. Confirm the accuracy of design and development. Personnel in engineering department review the design output.             

4. The product must be drawn a design as well as experimented and tested, which can only be produced in a small scale after the customer's validation.             

5. Analyze the trial-produce data and summit customer installation validation for any alteration.             

6. Design alternation follows the control program of project change..



Craft improvement 

START-MOTORS We carry out continuously improvement activities to enhance staff's awareness of improvement, constantly seek the opportunity of improvement and boost the effectiveness and efficiency of processing and quality management system as well as realize the objective of eliminating waste and reducing costs.             

1. Total employee involvement, each staff has the right and responsibility to bring forward continuous improvement project and proposal.            

2. Each department is responsible for the establishment and implementation of continuous improvement project. (Including rationalization proposal and technical improvement)           

3. Quality control department is responsible for the collection, approval, evaluation and incentive of improving project.



Quality control 

START-MOTORS  Incoming quality control: 

        1. After receiving purchase order from the warehouse, IQC will firstly check whether the contents in material identification card confirm to that of the purchase order; find relevant chart to inspect samples according to GB2828-87AQL after confirmation. (Mainly inspect the material's appearance, size, hardness, material and environment protection)Suppliers of main material: all magnet wire, commutator and shaft should pass the certification of ISO quality management system. If there is any unconformity to the drawing, IQC should issue the report about the abnormal situation, define the solution after the countersign of production management department, engineering department, quality management department and the headquarter; IQC will paste the card and send report to complaint the supplier according to the final result of countersign. After inspecting qualified materials, IQC issues qualified report and saves it after auditing.


        2. IQC should count data as for supplier's incoming state each month, evaluate the supplier in the aspects of delivery, incoming quality and degree of adaptability according to our company's grading standard and determine the next month's quantity of order from the grading. The company will also review the suppliers with lowest score on the scene and straighten things up within the specified time, or else, the qualification of supplier will be cancelled.


        3. Each year, aperiodically review the main supplier on the scene. Provide some guidance and assistance to some potential suppliers with good degree of adaptability.


START-MOTORS  Process inspection:

     Before transforming PQC's model, we should confirm the first piece produced in the production line according to the standard of specification, material table and inspection guidance, (Feeding materials and equipment parameters, arrangement of production line, process flow and quality requirement) after confirmation, the formal production can be stared; During the processing, PQC should audit each station every two hours/5PCS in accordance with the standard of specification; the foreman of quality management department should record the quality state in Weekly quality report table. And during the inspection period, if any abnormal situation happens, PQC should send the notice about the abnormal situation, and the solution will be given after the countersign of chief of quality management department, PE and engineer department and carried out by production department; during these periods, all inspection should be recorded and stored correctly.


START-MOTORS  Outgoing inspection:

     According to the requirement of SGB2828-87AQL single-sample standard in the specification, QA does the stratified sampling inspection to the motor produced in the production line. (Mainly inspect the quantity, relevant information, size, appearance, electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics (required by the specification), decomposition inspection, appearance and size, sign, bundling method and state) the inspected results should be recorded in QA inspection outgoing reportA reportA daily sample inspection report and Motor performance record table. As for the unqualified product, QA should fill out QA return notice and illustrate the abnormal situation as well as notify the relevant department to solve it. The results should be reconfirmed by QA; the unqualified product should be reworked in light of non-performing project. The qualified production after inspection should be pasted qualified card or seal by QA and then produced and put in storage.


Product reliability

START-MOTORS      To guarantee its reliability, the product should be taken the following tests both in the developing stage and production stage: 

      1. Reliability testing center
      2. Electrical performance test;
      3. Noise testing laboratory; 
      4. life-span testing center; 
      5. Vibration test; 
      6. Dropping test;
      7. Temperature rising test; 
      8. Salt mist test;
      9. Electromagnetic interference test;
      10. Material's harmful substance test.